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I have a input field that is formatted with the data-format HH:mm:ss PP. When the timepicker is clicked the focus on the input field don't appear that's why I couldn't use onblur event. What i want is like keydown or keyup event but it seems doesn't work in my case because focus is out in the input field so what jQuery event should i used?

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change seems to work fine:


  .on("change", function () {

Example is with datepicker(), I'm not sure what your timepicker implementation is as it's not in the jquery(ui) api. But it should work as well.

Edit: after looking at the datetimepicker you are using, based on the DOM I'm seeing as a result of datetimepicker() - I think this should work for you:


$('#datetimepicker1').closest(".well").next(".bootstrap-datetimepicker-widget").on("click", "*", function () {

Just make sure this is after your datetimepicker() call. Note that this will be triggered on any click within your calendar/time picker even if it is a click on something that is already selected (no change).

If you want, you could store the last value of your input and then check that if it changed before continuing with this event callback function. If it did change, be sure to update the variable you are holding the "last value" in... something like this.

If possible, the best option would actually be to modify datetimepicker()'s js to call a function or trigger an event from the same place it updates the text input. Looking at the code:

    set: function () {
        var formatted = "";
        if (!this._unset) formatted = this.formatDate(this._date);
        if (!this.isInput) {
            if (this.component) {
                var input = this.$element.find("input");
                input.trigger("change"); // added this
            this.$"date", formatted)
        } else {
            this.$element.trigger("change"); //added this

With the two lines I added above, you should be able to rely on a change event bound to the input element.

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I doesn't work either man. I use for my ui. – Leonard Drapeza Aug 16 '13 at 16:35
@smemy it doesn't work for me man. if i put it the code the icon disappears and wont work – Leonard Drapeza Aug 16 '13 at 16:46
@LeonardDrapeza well you can't use datepicker() if you are using a timepicker. You have to select the element. – smerny Aug 16 '13 at 17:30
@smemy it's a datetimepicker actually but there is a configuration for timepicker, what particular element? I did use the id $('#datetimepicker2') and i tried to alert() something but it doesn't work. it only works for $('#datetimepicker2').datetimepicker – Leonard Drapeza Aug 16 '13 at 17:34
@LeonardDrapeza, i looked at some of the examples from datetimepicker, it seems they all wrap the content within .well and then when the datetimepicker() is applied, it appends the calendar picker to the dom after well. I'll update the answer. – smerny Aug 16 '13 at 17:49

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