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In the MatlabⓇ IDE, is there any easy way to jump to the definition of a particular method, without knowing in what class it is defined?

For self-contained functions, I can type edit funcname.m. The same for classes. However, the hierarchy of superclasses for a particular class may be large. By using metaclasses, I can find out in what class a method was defined, then open the class, and browse to the appropiate definition. This is a lot more work than it is for self-contained functions.

From the interactive prompt, is there any direct way to either jump to the definition of a particular method, or put a breakpoint in this method (so that executing it will cause the editor to jump to the definition)?

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You can use which to locate a function when given specific input arguments.

Say for example we have the following files on the path:

>> which -all fun
C:\Users\Amro\Desktop\Klass.m    % Klass method


classdef Klass < handle
        function fun(obj)
            disp('hello from Klass')


function fun()
    disp('hello from fun')

Now we can differentiate between the two given what arguments they take:

>> o = Klass();
>> which('fun(o)')
C:\Users\Amro\Desktop\Klass.m  % Klass method

>> which('fun')

Note that in the class method case, we have to use the syntax: fun(obj, args, ...) as opposed to, ...)

You can open the editor to the specified function using the matlab.desktop.editor API:

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Actually in MATLAB's IDE you can move between functions within a file. If you want to get more information about a function that you are calling in your code, you can use Open Selection (CTRL+D with Windows keybindings) to quickly jump to where the function is defined.

Check this link: MATLAB Spoken Here

if you move the cursor on a function in the editor and then press ctrl+D the function will be open in the editor. for methods inside a class you can use 'Go To'. If the method is defined in the present class.

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Moving between functions works, but not moving between methods across different classes. I'm looking to jump to a method definition without knowing in what class it is defined. Selecting a method call (such as obj.meth(a, b)), Open Selection does nothing at all. If meth is defined in the present class, I can move there with the "Go To" drop-down list, but if it's defined elsewhere, that doesn't work. – gerrit Aug 16 '13 at 18:01

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