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I am using a UIImagePickerController subclass to take photos in my app.

The toolbar for the camera has a cancel button and a photo button on it. I would also like to add another button on the right.

I have tried to add a UIBarButtonItem to the subclass's toolbar, but that doesn't work. I have also tried to make a UIToolbar that looks like the camera toolbar, so I can just overlay a toolbar with one button invisibly, but I can't seem to match the style of the camera toolbar.

Any ideas on how to add a button to the camera toolbar?

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You cant customize the UIImagePickerController tool bar just like that, what you have to do is work with with the overlay view in the UIImagePickerController which allows you to specify a view to use for the picker instead of the default one, here is a link with information about this overlayview property of the UIImagePickerController

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