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Has anyone tried sending a cloud message from the backend of the app configure page?

I tried doing it but onBroadcastMessageReceived() is never called in GuestbookActivity. I opened up the source in CloudBackendActivity and found that the backend subscribes to cloud messages of Topic id _broadcast which is the default ID in the backend configure page. The subscribeToCloudMessaging() call is definitely called but the handler never seems to call onComplete().

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GCM is definitely enabled as well. – jimmyC Aug 16 '13 at 21:40

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I also had the same issue with onBroadcastMessageReceived() in GuestbookActivity . To make it receiving broadcast messages I commented listed below condition in CloudBackendActivity.

    private void _onPostCreate() {

    //      if (!isSubscribedToBroadcastMessage) {
    //          isSubscribedToBroadcastMessage = true;
        CloudCallbackHandler<List<CloudEntity>> handler = 
    new CloudCallbackHandler<List<CloudEntity>>() {
            public void onComplete(List<CloudEntity> results) {
                CloudBackendMessaging.TOPIC_ID_BROADCAST, handler);
    //      }


So the issue is in wrong condition.

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I cant find the CloudBackendActivity class in the project dir. I have got the latest code for the Android client, and I believe it is not there. Am I not looking at the right place ? – Petar Nov 28 '13 at 17:03
Recently Mobile Backend Starter has been updated to Version 2 and CloudBackendActivity is not included there. If you will visit Mobile Backend Starter GitHub repository you'll see that it has been upgraded 17 days ago so the listed above answer is only for MBS Version 1 – Juniper Nov 28 '13 at 21:13

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