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I have this tls client, inside this client I have a server which serves data from ServerX to PHP client... Insane, hu? Ok.. everything is working fine extremelly fast... But I want to answer the question from PHP as soon ServerX respond it, but its not Sync. Please, read:

var ServerX = tls.connect(port,host,options,function() {
    console.log(' Logging to ServerX...');
    var phpServer = dnode({
        fromPHP: function (variables,correlationalCallbackId,callBackToPHP) { // Shared PHP/NODE function
            othermodule.serialize(variable, function(buffer){ 
    HOW TO MAKE THIS-> global.phpCallBacks[correlationalCallbackId] = callBackToPHP; //I want to stores CallbackToPHP to use later when response from ServerX arrive
                ServerX.write(buffer,function(){ // write buffer to ServerX
                    //console.log("buffer sent");
                                    //callBackToPHP("Response from ServerX");//<--It works, but response dont exists
                global.phpCallBacks[correlationalId]('Hi PHP! :)'); //Dont work even here
        }// toNode END
    //Starts DNODE server to integrate with PHP scripts


And I want Call the callbackToPHP when receive especific response with correlational ID

ServerX.on('data', function(data) {
    othemodule.decode(data,function(message){ // message is an object with messageCorrelationId and other informations
        if(global.phpCallBacks[message.messageCorrelationId]) {
HOW TO MAKE IT WORK HERE-> global.phpCallBacks[message.messageCorrelationId](message.informations); // never fire :((

Hope its well explained... How to make CallBack function, when nested by milions of scopes, works in global scope?!?!?

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I personally think pillion is better for RPC –  naomik Aug 16 '13 at 18:13
Sorry, dont know what are you trying to say.. –  Filipe Tagliacozzi Aug 16 '13 at 18:19
May you explain it? –  Filipe Tagliacozzi Aug 16 '13 at 18:39

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