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I am writing a JavaScript that passes a TextArea's caret position and content to a PHP script via XMLHttpRequest. The PHP script will then use that information to write the TextArea's content to a text file at the same caret position using fseek($file, $_POST["caretPosition"]), then fwrite($file, $_POST["data"]). However, when using fseek in the PHP script to point the write pointer to the specified location in the file, after I view the text file afterward with notepad, I notice that the content I have written to the file has been written all in a single line. Though, when I fetch the file's data via a JavaScript XMLHttpRequest responseText, I see that the new line characters are still present within the data. This does not happen unless I use fseek; the new-line characters are interpreted correctly by notepad when writing to the file without it.

How would I correct this issue?

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