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Im developing an "share on facebook" button.

But there is a problem, the facebook dialog is not prompted to the user.

I have tried the sample that titanium provide:

function facebook(){

    var fb = require('facebook');

    var data = {
        link : "",
        name : "Appcelerator Titanium Mobile",
        message : "Checkout this cool open source project for creating apps",
        caption : "Appcelerator Titanium Mobile",
        picture : "",
        description : "You've got the ideas, now you've got the power."

    fb.dialog("feed", data, function(e) {

            var toast = Ti.UI.createNotification({
            duration: Ti.UI.NOTIFICATION_DURATION_LONG

            if(e.success && e.result) 
                toast.message = "Success! New Post ID: " + e.result;
            else {
                        toast.message = e.error;
                    toast.message = "User canceled dialog.";

The function is called correctly, but nothing appear.

Someone knows why? Maybe permissions? But i have read that for the dialog aren't required permissions!

thanks to all

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2 Answers 2

try this:

var fb = require('facebook');
fb.appid = FACEBOOK_APP_ID;
fb.permissions = ['publish_stream']; // Permissions your app needs
fb.forceDialogAuth = true;
fb.addEventListener('login', function(e) {
    if (e.success) {
        alert('Logged In');
    } else if (e.error) {
    } else if (e.cancelled) {
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I solved by myself! Even if the Facebook Dialog not Require the Auth(), it require the init with an AppID.

var fb = require('facebook');
fb.appid = your_app_id_number;

With this worked very well.

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