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I am trying to use a template to create a text file. I am having trouble getting my text to have newlines. Here's my template code:


file "ai.template" { pattern
{P,             R}
{% if gcc_ai %}
{% for gcc in gcc_ai%}
    {{gcc.0}} {{gcc.1}}
{% endif %}

And here's the output:

#GCC AI\n file "ai.template" { pattern {P, R} AMO:SAS:GCC:1:PRESS 0 AMO:KBO:GCC:1:PRESS 0 AMO:SAS:GCC:2:PRESS 0
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Interesting, I just checked the source and it shows the newlines... but why doesn't it render like that in Chrome? –  user1422843 Aug 16 '13 at 18:44
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