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Hey I was looking around online and couldn't find anything about how to modify the syntax highlighting rules. I am trying to add a rule for PHP variables inside of double quoted strings. In Aptana they have a rule where these variables are highlighted which I find extremely useful as I do a lot with PHP vars inside double quoted strings. This is similar to the <<

I would also like to be able to specify sets of rules, for instance on heredocs:


I want The html highlighted as HTML for specifically <<

Anyone know how to customized / edit the rules for the syntax highlighting?

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Any questions about a specific IDE probably won't get an answer here. However, I use PHPStorm myself and I happen to know that they have some of the best support forums available. Check out their community forums here: devnet.jetbrains.net I'm sure if you post your question there someone will have an answer almost immediately. –  danL Aug 16 '13 at 18:45

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Go into settings

File > Default Settings

There you can select how your code is formatted wrapped etc.

For colors go to:

Preferences > Editor (under IDE settings) > Colors & Fonts

There you can play around with colors, highlighting, background, fonts etc

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