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I know RADIUS is only meant to be a way to "share" passwords for everything, and that you can't login (like LDAP) with a RADIUS account onto a Linux machine. For this, you'll need to create the user first...

What I'd like to do is to allow people which logged in with RADIUS to access a shell, without having to create his local user account. Every RADIUS user could log with the same local user...

Is there any way to say that every radius authenticated user should connect with a specific user, instead of having to create each of the local account ?

Or is there any script in PAM to create this user once RADIUS authentication is OK ?

Or any workaround that any of you could think of ?

Thanks !

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I've been looking again at the doc for pam_radius. However, even if there's an "template_user" option which should force to set an UID if user does not exists, nobody seems to have been able to use it... –  user2497262 Aug 17 '13 at 19:30

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