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Is there a way to update a record in a table using an ORM model without any extra queries?

I know that I can simply use DB object to do a raw query, but I would like to do it with an ORM object.

I have the following code.

$orm = ORM::factory("myobject",1);
$orm->name = "new name";

the problem of the code is that it executes a select query then executes an update query.

I've tried the following as well.

ORM::factory("myobject")->values(array("id"=>1, "name"=>"my new name"))-save();

the problem of this query is that the ORM executes "show full columns from myobject"

How do I make an update query on an ORM object without executing any extra queries?

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The reason you get the show full columns for .. query is that you don't have defined $_table_columns, where the table column data for that object is stored. Kohana needs to know these so you can set values to that object.


protected $_table_columns = array(
    'id'   => array('type' => 'int'),
    'name' => array('type' => 'string'),

And to answer your question. The second way seems like the right way to do it :) As soon as you've done the above the 'extra' query should be gone

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