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When using the generated Python code from our protobuf classes, we get this error:

cannot import name descriptor_pb2

The equivalent C++ generated code works just fine, so it would appear that there is no problem with our actual proto definitions.

This error occurs when I try and import our class, like so:

import sys

from foobar_pb2 import FooBar

Is it correct to append the system paths?

I checked in the protobuf\python\google\protobuf directory for descriptor_pb2.py but only found descriptor.py - we're using the latest version, so I assume we don't have any files missing.

Does anyone know what the solution is?

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I believe you have to generate descriptor_pb2.py with protoc yourself:

protoc descriptor.proto --python_out=gen/

gen/ is a folder with generated python classes.

After that, the following works just fine:

from descriptor_pb2 import FileDescriptorSet

../gen/descriptor_pb2.py must exists.

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Even though after generating the descriptor_pb2.py file i am getting an error which saying that descriptor_pb2 is referring it self in its import any idea how to solve it –  Devi Kiran Jul 11 '13 at 7:21

In my case, not finding descriptor_pb2 occurred because protobuf wasn't correctly installed. In the python subdirectory of protobuf, be sure to run

python setup.py build
python setup.py test
python setup.py install (as root)
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Thanks!! it works!! –  KayKay Jan 23 '14 at 9:08

Please make sure to install the protobuf runtime library as directed in the readme file. You cannot simply use the source directly out of the package, since descriptor_pb2.py needs to be generated by protoc (the protobuf compiler) as part of the installation process.

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