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Is there a way to capture scope broadcasts using wildcards on AngularJS?


$rootScope.$on('*created', function () { // do stuff });

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In the angular js source code, $on is defined as follows:

$on: function(name, listener) {
   var namedListeners = this.$$listeners[name];
   if (!namedListeners) {
      this.$$listeners[name] = namedListeners = [];

   return function() {
     namedListeners[indexOf(namedListeners, listener)] = null;

since this.$$listeners is an associative array, and associative arrays in javascript do not take regexs as keys, this suggests that the short answer is "no you can not".

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Yeah, that's what I though. It would be cool to have, though. I' trying to make a "smart notifying" for messages about success/failure of creation of entities. Now I'm digging through ngResource code to see if I can hookup something on the resource $save/$get and so methods. Thanks! –  Marcio Cruz Aug 17 '13 at 0:56
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