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I am having issues with my halt_listener thread. I can start import_1 but it will not spawn a halt_listener thread. I am patterning this after known good code, the only difference was in the last iteration the halt_listener got fed a pipe instead of a queue.

class test_imports:#Test classes remove 
      alive = {'import_1': True, 'import_2': True};

      def halt_listener(self, control_Queue, thread_Name, kill_command):
          while True:
              print ("Checking queue for kill")
              isAlive = control_queue.get()
              print ("isAlive", isAlive)
              if isAlive == kill_command:
                 print ("kill listener triggered")
                 self.alive[thread_Name] = False;

      def import_1(self, control_Queue, thread_Number):
          print ("Import_1 number %d started") % thread_Number
          t = Thread(target=test_imports.halt_listener, args=(control_Queue, 'import_1', 't1kill'))
          count = 0 
          global alive 
          run = test_imports.alive['import_1'];
          while run:
                print ("Thread type 1 number %d run count %d") % (thread_Number, count)
                count = count + 1
                print ("Test Import_1 ", run)
                run = self.alive['import_1'];
          print ("Killing thread type 1 number %d") % thread_Number 

      def import_2(self, control_queue, thread_number):
          print ("Import_2 number %d started") % thread_number
          count = 1
          while True:
                alive = control_queue.get()                   
                count = count + 1
                if alive == 't2kill':
                   print ("Killing thread type 2 number %d") % thread_number
                     print ("Thread type 2 number %d run count %d") % (thread_number, count)

Anyone have any pointers to where I am going wrong.

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You never call t.start() to actually start the thread.

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Duh Durp!Heads up gentlemen that code is still throwing type errors but she is right that fixed the issue –  Kyle Sponable Aug 17 '13 at 2:53
t.start() starts the thread, not t.run(). –  Ringding Aug 18 '13 at 10:30
@Ringding yep, fixed. brainfart. –  Amber Aug 18 '13 at 15:36

everything is okay, you just have to add t.start() to start your thread

t = Thread(target=test_imports.halt_listener, args=(control_Queue, 'import_1', 't1kill'))
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