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For a general 3D graphics application, we see from clicking at the windows, we can select an object in the scene graph, I am wondering what's the behind principal of this screen picking in 3D graphics?

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Usually you will want to implement mouse picking (ray picking) like this:

  • take mesh(es) and its bounding volume(s)
  • transform mesh(es) and its bounding volume(s) to world space as usual (using its world matrix)
  • take mouse cursor coordinates (x, y)
  • unproject ("undo projection") 2D screen space mouse coordinates to 3D ray in world space using inverse view and inverse projection matrices
  • check for collision between ray and mesh bounding volume (coarse, fast) and/or mesh triangles (precise, slow)
  • if intersected, mark object as picked
  • repeat for all objects
  • if multiple objects get picked, choose nearest to camera

BTW, quick googling returns plenty of theoretic info on that topic with practical implementations using different programming languages.

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