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I have the MiniProfiler installed in my ASP.NET MVC 3 project running good but i got a problem, the MiniProfiler only shows logs from the last request and some "summary" of the whole site loading.

I have a form that posts to /MyForm and MyForm actionresult redirects to /Show and i get all logs for /Show but not all from /MyForm but i getting a summary how long time the /MyForm taked + the sql questions but i dont get the children logs from it.

Any ideas?

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I found the similar issue of not showing the profiler-popup button in page, of a POST request after redirect. In my case, it was because of the result length exceeds the maximum Json string Length. To resolve this I set the size limit as below:

MiniProfiler.Settings.MaxJsonResponseSize = int.MaxValue

I put it in Application_Start().

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