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I am trying to develop an application on my IMX28 based embedded platfrom using bluetooth bluez 4.96 stack. I want to control this application via a application developed in android.

On this platfrom I have a BCM2070 bluetooth usb dongle. I am running a simple rfcomm server example from this link "http://people.csail.mit.edu/albert/bluez-intro/x502.html". I ran a rfcomm client on ubuntu pc with BCM2070 bluetooth usb dongle and I could talk between the server and client.

in order to control embedded device from android application, can I just rfcommm server by itself? But in this case how would the client (android app) know what channel my server is running on. I am new to bluetooh and trying to understand how to develop a client and server application.

Can some one please provide some suggestions on how this can be done.

Thanks Tama

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