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OK, this is the code I am using, to maintain a list of bookmarks:

    var newBookmark="<mark text='"+$(this).siblings(".newbookmarktext").val()+"' page='"+page+"' />";
    if ($(xmlDoc).find("file[name='"+file+"']").length==0)
        $(xmlDoc).children("bookmarks").first().append("<file name='"+file+"'/>");

When I run this in firefox, it runs perfectly, adding the new bookmark to the list, under the filename entry.

However under Chrome - and other webkit browsers - it doesn't work. As far as I can tell, the append of the entry is just not functioning. The xml it is adding is fine - the file is simply a file name - but it doesn't run.

I have looked through the other SE entries on Append not working, but they seem to be html issues and problems. I cannot find any other indications of jquery methods like this not working across browsers.

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jsfiddle sample ? –  Michael B. Aug 17 '13 at 12:03
jsfiddle.net/7fTf2 - this is a fiddle with the code tweaked a bit to get it to run stand alone. –  Schroedingers Cat Aug 17 '13 at 12:34
I have tried to change the last line to "alert($(xmlDoc).children("bookmarks").children().length);" which illustrates the problem a lot better. –  Schroedingers Cat Aug 17 '13 at 13:41

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OK, I have found the problem, but I don't completely understand. If I make the added entries JQ values, it seems to work. so my code needs to be:

var newBookmark=$("<mark text='hello' page='1' />");
if ($(xmlDoc).find("file[name='"+file+"']").length===0)
    $(xmlDoc).children("bookmarks").first().append($("<file name='"+file+"'/>"));

if it is to run in Chrome/webkit browsers.

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I have the same problem. Firefox worked fine, but chrome wouldn't append my xml snippet. Tried everything. Finally have a solution that works for both chrome and firefox. Here is my original code which didn't work, and below that the solution:

 var xml = $.parseXML(o.text);
 $(xml).find('documentGroups').append('<documentGroup documentGroupID="0" name="Default Group"/>');

The above fails, but the below works. I believe it is because the node must be created as a member of the same XML Document in order to be inserted, and the above code creates the new documentGroup node in a different XML Document. The below code forces the creation of the node inside the same XML Document to which it will be inserted.

 var xml = $.parseXML(o.text);
 var defaultGroup = xml.createElement('documentGroup'); 
 $(defaultGroup).attr('documentGroupID', '0').attr('name', 'Default Group');

I believe this should be fixed within JQuery. Using the first all-jQuery syntax, Firefox inserts the node just fine. Chrome should as well; otherwise, jQuery isn't meeting its goal to make its syntax work cross-browser. jQuery is great, I don't mean to knock it. Just commenting on where I think the problem is.

Also, I've seen commented elsewhere that with $('<node/>') syntax jQuery uses innerHTML to parse the string instead of the browser's XML parser, which would prevent non-HTML syntax from parsing correctly.

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