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I am using the following function to do a image upload/display

The Target is the div where I am updating the content that is returned from the form function. I wanted ajax so I don't have to reload the whole page just to upload and see previews of the image.

I upload a image, display it into the preview, I crop it, and do another function that displays it in a new target (not shown),

The problem is in IE 8 it seems to cache all ajax calls, even though I am setting it not to, the only way to get it to show is a hard refresh. Is there a way to force it to not cache? This works fine in all other browsers of course.

$("#profile-photo").submit(function() {
    	 var myOptions = {
                        target: '#preview-target',
     		beforeSubmit:  showRequest,
                        success: showResponse,
                        clearForm: true,

    	    return false;
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I doubt it's caching the submit, more likely it's caching the image url. In your response, are you just sending back the url for the new image? If so, try appending a query string:

<img src="/my/path/to/my/image.jpg?q=12345" />

That should force all browsers to re-load the image from the server.

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Thanks that method works – matthewb Dec 1 '09 at 21:31

If this concerns a GET request, then this is true. If you don't have any option to change it to POST, then the best way is to dynamically append an extra query parameter with a timestamp to the URL on every request. In Javascript you could use new Date().getTime() for this.

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