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I try to connect from my Java-Application to an existing DB2 Database. My Code looks like a minimal version of the example shown at connect DB2 with Java.

public static void main(String[] argv) {
    try {
    catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
        System.out.println("Please include Classpath  Where your DB2 Driver is located");
    System.out.println("DB2 driver is loaded successfully");


When i run this the following error occurs:


What are the requirements to connect to a DB2? I added db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_licence_cisuz.jar to the projects build-path and inside the db2jcc.jar exists an DB2Driver.class.

Do I have to configure sth. else?

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How do you execute your app? What's the full stack trace of the exception? is the DB2Driver.class file in /com/ibm/db2/jcc? – JB Nizet Aug 17 '13 at 13:41
Thanks, this was the correct hint: "How do you execute". My mistake all the time was, that I executed the above code inside an maven-based application. All I had to do was to add the jar-files to maven repository and not just right-click my project and add to built-path.. – Patrick Aug 17 '13 at 15:33
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As written in my comment above, I had to add the DB2-Dependency as described at

This is because of my project-type: maven-based application. Just adding the jar-files to built-path was not enough. I had to add them to the repo and add it into my pom.xml.

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