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i want to create an ajax file manager like CKFinder and MoxieManager using Asp.Net!

can anyone help me how to start ? please suggest me some useful references , components and tips ...

if there is an open source project like what i need , please let me know.

thanks in advance.

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This question is way too broad, those kinds of software are not as simple as you might think. That being said, have a look at github.com/simogeo/Filemanager - it has some nice features but nothing close the CKF though. –  Nenotlep Oct 23 '13 at 10:38

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You first start with a simple file manager (no ajax), that simple reads the files from the disk and renders them on a page. If you place all that inside an iframe dialog, then you have something like ajax for your page.

Some examples with the code and details:
Web File Manager
ASP.NET User Control: File Browser

and you can call them from your page, using the highslide iframe dialog content example.

After you make that and you have some knowledge you can move to ajax (if you still need it)

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