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I created a text box and appended it to my div:

    $('<input />').appendTo("#box")

I would like to get the value inputted from the user.

I would also like to remove the text box too. I tried this:

    $('<input />').remove();

but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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possible duplicate of CSS selector for text input fields? – Vohuman Aug 17 '13 at 14:24
js bin working code – Amith Aug 17 '13 at 14:29
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You'd want to try


And if you've got some other text boxes which you dont want to remove in #box, add an id or a class to the input when you are appending it to #box.

 $('<input />', { "class" : "remove-soon" }).appendTo("#box");

Then, you could use that class as a selector to remove it.


To get the value of the textbox you'd use,

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$(function() {
    $('#box').on('change','input:text',function() {
        var userInput = $(this).val();
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JSbin working code

get input value

var user_value = $('#box input').val();


$('#box input').remove();
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