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I need the string Live-tv-channel-nbc-130pm-1000pm-s2-1.html to be converted to Live-tv-channel-nbc , That is i need to remove The part 130pm-1000pm-s2-1.html (This values are dynamic values)

I tried below code

$str = "Live-tv-channel-nbc-130pm-1000pm-s2-1.html";
$title = preg_replace("/-(.*?)-(.*?)-(.*?)-(\d+).html$/","",$str;
echo $title;

I read the stack overflow that adding $ at the end will read the str from right to left but it does not seems to work.

Note :Also i will be using this regex to get the values 130pm , 1000pm ,s2 , 1 (This are dynamic values)

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As an alternative to Regex, you can do that with a direct approach using explode and array_chunk

$strArray = explode("-", "Live-tv-channel-nbc-130pm-1000pm-s2-1.html");
$arrayparts   = (array_chunk($strArray, 4));
echo implode("-", $arrayparts[0]);
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You may use the following short regex to remove the last four hyphen-separated parts and the ".html" file extension:


a non-capturing group ((?:...)) consisting of a hyphen (-) followed by one or more non-hyphens ([^-]+), repeated four times ({4}), followed by a dot character (\. - note that the dot is escaped!) and html, and finally end-of-line ($).

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