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I want the awk to interpret the variable as follows



awk '{sum+=$2}; END {print '${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls', sum/NR}'
${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls >> safe/P-state-summary.xls

I want the desired output as follows -

tau_2.54_even_v1.xls   sum/NR

Can anybody help me out with this ?

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You already received an answer to this question from paxdiablo here:… - use awk's variable passing feature – Dennis Williamson Dec 1 '09 at 21:48
Duplicate:… – glenn jackman Dec 1 '09 at 21:48
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I think this is what you want:



awk "{sum+=\$2}; END {print \"${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls\", sum/NR}" \
  ${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls >> safe/P-state-summary.xls
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Yes ! this is it .! – Sharat Chandra Dec 2 '09 at 6:42

First, you need to export environment variables if you want them to be passed in the environment of a child process like awk.

Second, you can use ENVIRON["name"] to get an environment variable in awk. So the following works for me:


export file=tau
export f=2.54
export order=even

awk '{sum+=$2}; END {print ENVIRON["file"] "_" ENVIRON["f"] "_" ENVIRON["order"] "_v1.xls", sum/NR}'
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Don't forget that you can set "AWK variables" on commandline

awk -v FOO=bar '...<AWK code that uses the AWK variable FOO>...'
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ie: ### date | awk -v USER=$USER '{ print USER ": " $0 }' ### rzr: Sat Nov 30 18:25:24 CET 2013 ### – rzr Nov 30 '13 at 17:24

Well I used a mixture of the above solutions and got it working with this

printf "\n${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls  " >> Safe/P-state-summary.xls
awk '{sum+=$3}; END  {print sum/NR}' ${file}_${f}_${order}_v1.xls >> Safe/P-state-summary.xls
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