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I am posting here after asking the question at the openslice dds forum, and not receiving any reply.I am trying to use opensplice dds on a ubuntu machine. I am not sure if it serves as a proof of proper installation, but I have pasted my file below. Now, I was able to run the ping pong example just fine. But when I ran the executable sac_helloworld_pub ( HelloWorld example in the C programming language), I got the following error

vishal@expmach:~/HDE/x86.linux2.6/examples/dcps/HelloWorld/c/standalone$    ./sac_helloworld_pub

Error in DDS_DomainParticipantFactory_create_participant: Creation failed: invalid handle

I did some searching, and it looks like I need to be running the ospl start command from the terminal. But when I do so, I get a No command ospl found message. Below is the release.comfile's contents

echo "<<< OpenSplice HDE Release V6.3.130716OSS For x86.linux2.6, Date 2013-07-30 >>>"
if [ "${SPLICE_ORB:=}" = "" ]
   export SPLICE_ORB
if [ "${SPLICE_JDK:=}" = "" ]
    export SPLICE_JDK
. $OSPL_HOME/etc/java/defs.$SPLICE_JDK
$@ (END)
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Did you actually source the file in your current shell (via . –  Reinier Torenbeek Aug 18 '13 at 2:44
Yes, I ran the command "source" –  user1274878 Aug 21 '13 at 20:06
You need to do ospl start indeed, and the command ospl is supposed to be in $OSPL_HOME/bin. You should check out to see if it is there. If it is, then you should see if that directory is actually in your $PATH. –  Reinier Torenbeek Aug 21 '13 at 20:13

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Sorry for the holidays-driven lack of 'reactivity' on the OpenSplice forum .. I've answered your question there though ..

Here's that same answer for completeness:

*For the 6.3 community-edition, the deployment-model changed from shared-memory (v5.x) to the so-called single-process standalone deployment mode where the middleware is simply linked (as libraries) with the application so you don't need to start any daemons first (as was the case for the federated 'shared-memory' mode that was the default in V5). So its OK that you get the error when trying to call 'ospl' as thats not used anymore so isn't in the distribution. Now to your issue, your looks OK to me, but perhaps you didn't actually 'source' it in your environment i.e. calling it with a '.' in front of it: promtp> . you can verify that by doing an 'echo $OSPL_HOME' in your shell and see if it actually shows the value of the env. variable as set by the Hope that helps,


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