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So my host just updated all their hardware and software and they have decided to no longer support any of the PHP FTP functions (ftp_connect, etc).

Anyone know a way around this? Luckily I have classed all my PHP functions so I will only need to build the work around once (If there is one?)

Maybe Upload using fSocket? Any examples / tutorials would be appreciated.

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CURL is a good option.

file_get/put_contents with contexts may also be an option.

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FTP is supported with file commands, so you can do this to upload:

file_put_contents("ftp://user:pass@server/path/to/file.ext", $filecontent);

See this page for what functions the FTP wrapper supports in PHP 4 and 5.

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this looks promising. at least from the description it sounds just like what you're looking for. I didn't try it (as I don't have an account on that site) but it might be worth checking out. Why reinvent the wheel...

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