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I have a server for mercurial repository with 2 drives:

  • Drive C: - 50 Gb
  • Drive E: - 1 Tb

As a web server for this repository I'm using internal web server that's launched via hg serve command. SSL disabled.

Mercurial version: 2.3.1.

Config file:

push_ssl = False
allow_push = *
port = 8080

My repository is placed on the drive E that have about 800 Gb of free space. Drive C usually running out of space and when this happens, I can't push anything to this repository because of error "HTTP Error 500: Error". If I free some space on drive C and restart web server, everything is ok.

Why is it matters how much space is available on drive C?

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Most likely, some temporary files are being created in the TMP directory. Check that environment variable. It is usually referencing the C: drive.

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Thanks! I'll try this. –  black_wizard Aug 17 '13 at 18:03
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