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I noticed context variables do not seem to apply to imported templates. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I have a template containing a macro and another template that imports the macro and uses it.

macro = ("{% macro some_macro() %}"
         "{{ func('a') }}"
         "{% endmacro %}")
use_macro = ("{% from 'macro' import some_macro %}"
             "{{ some_macro() }}")
loader = jinja2.loaders.DictLoader({'macro': macro,
                                    'template': use_macro})
env = jinja2.Environment(loader=loader)
template = env.get_template('template')

Now when I try to render the template with func in the context it fails because func is undefined:

rendered = template.render(func=lambda x: x)

It does work when func is in the globals:

env.globals.update(func=lambda x: x)
rendered = template.render()

Is this as intended or does this seem like a bug?

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Use import with context:

use_macro = ("{% from 'macro' import some_macro with context %}"
             "{{ some_macro() }}")
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