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Ok, I need some help in setting up a Scala project with IntelliJ, I have download and installed the project successfully, but i have had issues when it comes to installing the Scala compiler itself, WHen i go to configure a new Scalaa project and choose to set the Scala home, I choose the download Scala option and i get the following error "downloading failed, connection failed with error 404:" i have tried downloading the things, such as primefaces and jSF through intelij, and they all work fine, any suggestions?

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about debugging what seems to be a connection error between specific client-software and it's managing domain. – Nathaniel Ford Dec 19 '13 at 0:02

Download Scala manually and just select proper directory in new project window.

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You should be using SBT to define and build your project. Among other things, it handles retrieving the Scala compiler and libraries. IDEA is similarly self-contained as far as its Scala plug-in's internal Scala compiler is concerned. By using SBT and IDEA (see below for connecting the two), the only thing not covered is a Scala REPL for use outside of either SBT or IDEA. If you're using a Mac, Homebrew includes a Scala formula. Because SBT retrieves the Scala compiler and libraries for the version of Scala you specified, everything is self-contained.

By far the best way to build and maintain IDEA project definitions for Scala projects is with the sbt-idea plug-in for SBT. Once you install that plug-in, which is trivial, you simply use the gen-idea SBT task it provides. When your dependencies change, you run gen-idea again to update the project.

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