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so basically I want my application to run a method that is quite cpu intensive and therewhile it should constantly display status information on a different form. To prevent this status form from freezing, I thought it would be a good idea to outsource the code into a new thread.

First I tried to use basic threadding and invoking the richtextbox control which should display status messages. - Problem is - I need to know when the Thread is finished to carry on with my main thread. Obviously I cannot simply run a loop in my main thread that keeps checking if the process is finished, cause that would make my GUI freeze, too.

So I did a little bit research and found out about Tasks. That's how it looks:

Dim z as new complexProcessClass
Dim taskA = task.Factory.StartNew(Sub() z.start())
If taskA.IsCompleted Then
End If

And whenever the process reports a status I use this:

Public Class complexProcessClass
  dim statusWindow as statusForm

  Public Sub start()
    statusWindow = new statusForm
    'complex code here
    'complex code here
    'complex code here
  End Sub

  Private Delegate Sub UpdateTextHandler(ByVal Text As String)
  Private Sub reportStatus(Byval s as String)
    If z.RichTextBox1.InvokeRequired Then
        z.RichTextBox1.Invoke(New UpdateTextHandler(AddressOf xform.RichTextBox1.AppendText), s)
       Catch ex As Exception
       End Try

     End If
  End Sub

But it just keeps freezing on the invoke call - no error message - nothing?!

Can anybody tell me the correct way to do this? - and please no backgroundworker solution ;)

thanks in advance

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Take a look at the BackgroundWorker class. This post should get you started.

Another approach is to create delegates and call the thread asynchronously and implement an update function to catch when the work is done.

  1. Create a class with the work code as a function
  2. At the top of the class create/add Delegate Function Handler
  3. Inside of your form add a handler to the new class with a call to your class method.
  4. Create a callbackhandler method to receive the status of the thread performing the export functionality.Have the callbackhandler call an update ui function that checks if the thread is running from the UI or is another thread. (Me.InvokeRequired checks this)

  5. Inside of the Form btn click event call the method using the targetHandler call.

The below code is what the form code would look like.

    Public Class Form1
    Private targetHandler As ClassName.Handler = AddressOf objNewClass.somework

Private callbackHandler As AsyncCallback _ = AddressOf MyCallbackMethod Sub MyCallbackMethod(ByVal ar As IAsyncResult) '*** this code fires at completion of each asynchronous method call Try Dim retval As Boolean = targetHandler.EndInvoke(ar) If retval = True Then Console.Write(retval) End If UpdateUI("Task complete") Catch ex As Exception Dim msg As String msg = "Error: " & ex.Message UpdateUI(msg) End Try End Sub Sub UpdateUI(ByVal statusMessage As String) If Me.InvokeRequired Then Dim handler As New UpdateUIHandler(AddressOf UpdateUI_Impl) Dim args() As Object = {statusMessage} Me.BeginInvoke(handler, args) Else UpdateUI_Impl(statusMessage) End If End Sub Delegate Sub UpdateUIHandler(ByVal statusMessage As String) Sub UpdateUI_Impl(ByVal statusMessage As String) Me.sbMain.Panels("Status").Text = statusMessage End Sub 'Call to your worker thread Private Sub btn_Click() Handles Button1.Click Dim result As IAsyncResult =targetHandler.BeginInvoke(callbackHandler,Nothing) End Sub End Class
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You have a deadlock situation where taskA.Wait() is blocking the UI thread, and the Invoke() call inside taskA is waiting for the UI thread to finish what it's doing. Which is waiting until it's done waiting. Which is never.

I'm not entirely sure, but try this:

Dim taskA = task.Factory.StartNew(Sub() z.start()).ConfigureAwait(False)
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