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I'm evaluating Nodejitsu for hosting Node.JS.

I'm trying to understand the relationship between Nodejitsu and IAAS providers. In particular is Nodejitsu providing me the machines or can I choose that my machine will be on some specific cloud provider in some specific zone.

Here's my need: My node service will need to communicate with a separate machine which I will set up myself (due to heavy customization). I want this machine to be on the same data center of my Node servers so in/out network cost and latency are minimized.

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Per the nodejitsu FAQs, if you are on a personal plan, your host is Joyent's us-east-1 datacenter in North Virginia (USA). Business plan users are able to choose from additional datacenters which include Joyent's us-sw-1 in Las Vegas (USA), eu-ams-1 in Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Telefónica's eu-london-1 in London, England.

Looks like additional datacenters will include Joyent San Francisco (USA) and Telefónica in Madrid (Spain).


Nodejitsu recently experienced an extended outage which is documented in detail on their blog. A consequence of this was to drop support for Telefónica Instant Servers.

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