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Using VBA I'm trying to download a specific Excel attachment from the latest email using a specific subject in a sub folder of an Outlook inbox then save in to a remote work server and format.

I have the following working:

  1. Extract attachment from 1st unread email in subfolder.
  2. save the attachment to a specified directory using current date and filename.
  3. save the emails meta in variables.
  4. mark the email as read.

I'm new to VBA and require some help on how to proceed....

  1. I'd like to extract the attachment based on a specific email subject, the mail is unread & will find the excel attachment if there's are more than one file.
  2. Initiate another vba script / macro in another workbook in another directory.

Heres my code:

Const olFolderInbox As Integer = 6
'~~> Path for the attachment
Const AttachmentPath As String = "C:\DACC_snapshot\"

Sub DownloadAttachmentDACCEmail()
Dim outAp As Object, outns As Object, outInb As Object
Dim outItm As Object, outAtch As Object

'~~> Get Outlook instance
Set outAp = GetObject(, "Outlook.application")
Set outns = outAp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set outInb = outns.Folders("scott").Folders("inbox").Folders("DACC")

'~~> Check if there are any unread emails
If outInb.Items.Restrict("[Read] = True").Count = 0 Then
    MsgBox "New Snapshot not received In DACC inbox"
    Exit Sub
End If

'~~> Store relevant email info in the variables
For Each outItm In outInb.Items.Restrict("[UnRead] = True")
    eSender = outItm.SenderEmailAddress
    dtRecvd = outItm.ReceivedTime
    dtSent = outItm.CreationTime
    sSubj = outItm.Subject
    Exit For

'~~> Rename attachment
Dim NewFileName As String
NewFileName = AttachmentPath & Format(Date, "DD-MM-YYYY") & "-"

'~~> Extract the attachment from the 1st unread email
For Each outItm In outInb.Items.Restrict("[UnRead] = True")
    '~~> Check if the email actually has an attachment
    If outItm.Attachments.Count <> 0 Then
        For Each outAtch In outItm.Attachments
            '~~> Download the attachment
            outAtch.SaveAsFile NewFileName & outAtch.Filename
            Exit For
        MsgBox "The First item doesn't have an attachment"
    End If
    Exit For

'~~> Mark 1st unread email as read
For Each outItm In outInb.Items.Restrict("[UnRead] = True")
    outItm.UnRead = False
    Exit For
End Sub
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Hi, I currently don't have any code I'm just about to start now. Will post shortly, but hoping for some direction and then going from there. – Scott Shambley Aug 17 '13 at 19:49

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