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Is there a VBA script that can output the number of cells in a selected range in Excel that contain < 6 (or <= 5) characters (regardless of if they are byte order marks or BOMs)? The output can be in a popup, stored under the selected range, etc.

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Sub dural()
    Dim r As Range
    Dim Kount As Long
    Kount = 0
    For Each r In Selection
        v = r.Text
        If Len(v) < 6 And Not IsEmpty(r) Then
            Kount = Kount + 1
        End If
    MsgBox Kount
End Sub
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you can use a formula, if you don't want to use vba:

Example using rage A1:A14


This will have to be entered as an array function (using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER) - you will know if it is entered correctly, as excel will put {} around the formula

Example Data:
example data

Evaluating the array formula:
evaluation steps

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