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I'm newbie on web-design, is these colors are appropriate ? Any suggestions for improving the site please? Here, I'm trying to get out a forum.

enter image description here

Thank you very much !!

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there are many diffrent approach toward color choosing for a website that depend on your taste you can choose similar colors or complement colors. but to get an idea you can check these links:



and specifically for your work. i'd suggest using shades to make your site seem 3D.

also burn in mind that a great web design is a perfect combination of typography, layout and, of course, color schemes.

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It looks pretty good to me, but I agree you should use less italic fonts. I like the colours not bad. The Line 'Le Zero, c'est vous' seems a bit out of place though, I don't really know what its purpose is. Maybe move it up or something, and move that other line into the red area, I'm not sure, the spacing just seems a bit off. Mais oui, vous avez fait un bon projet jusqu'ici!

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There is a lot to do with this project. First of all I would switch the yellow color to grey/white. At this moment it hard to read the small text. Then you should change typography. There are too much italic texts.


Bonne chance avec ton projet

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