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BackboneJS best way to rearrange models in a collection while maintaining 0-indexed ordinal property for each model

How can I move a model within a collection?

I have a Backbone collection, visually represented in a list. This list is drag/droppable. Any item can be moved to an arbitrary position in the collection (ie - not a sort). I've seen some examples that use the collection's native remove/add to put the model in the right place. However, Backbone internally calls set when models are added, which then calls a bunch of methods related to events and sorts it at the end. Is there any downside to just splicing the model to the correct position?

Remove/Add: See examples in first linked question.

Splice: Second example

Function I'm currently using:

    moveTo: function(oldIndex, newIndex){
        oldIndex = oldIndex instanceof Backbone.Model ? this.at(oldIndex) : oldIndex;
        var spliced = this.models.splice(oldIndex, 1);
        this.models.splice(newIndex, 0, spliced[0]);
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Are you sure this isn't a sort? Drag'n'drop to move things around is manually changing the element indexes and an array/collection is something that is, more or less, sorted by index. –  mu is too short Aug 18 '13 at 4:44
I guess 'technically' you can call it a sort, I just meant that it's an arbitrary one, not an automated one based off of properties of the array. But I think you're pointing out that this is equivalent to a 'sort', since both just re-arrange items, and thus Backbone has no issues with it. –  iabw Aug 18 '13 at 11:13
My question might be better expressed as - "Is there ever a situation where you want to remove and re-add Models to a Collection, instead of manually 'sorting' them?" ;) –  iabw Aug 18 '13 at 11:16

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I wrote this solution for my most recent project. It seems to be a similar interface to what you described - a sortable list. This method is bound to the collection.

reorder: function(new_index, original_index) {
        // If nothing is being changed, don't bother
        if (new_index is original_index) return this
        // Get the model being moved
        temp = collection.at(original_index)
        // Remove it
        // Add it back in at the new index
        collection.add(temp, {at: new_index))
        return this

Most of my own code has been removed, but that is the core functionality. Backbone's at option makes this really easy.

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