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I am trying to convert a string in JSON format to a Dictionary, see below:

using namespace System::Web::Script::Serialization;


String ^data = "{Name: 'sherlock', Problem: 'deserialization'}";
JavaScriptSerializer ^serializer = gcnew JavaScriptSerializer();
Dictionary<String^, Object^> obj = serializer->Deserialize<Dictionary<String^, Object^>>(data);

I'm getting an error,

class "System::Collections::Generic::Dictionary<System::String ^, System::Object ^>" has no suitable copy constructor

I'm new to c++/cli coming from c#. I think I understand what a copy constructor is but I'm not sure why one would be needed in this case, or how to resolve this error ..


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You forgot the ^ for the Dictionary reference itself.


Dictionary<String^, Object^> obj = 
          serializer->Deserialize<Dictionary<String^, Object^>>(data);


Dictionary<String^, Object^>^ obj = 
          serializer->Deserialize<Dictionary<String^, Object^>^>(data);

Note the 3rd ^ just before obj as well as before (data).

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Thanks, I'm still getting the hang of these handles. I think another one is needed for the generic T arg dictionary also, this fixed the problem. Thanks again! – Sherlock Aug 17 '13 at 19:58
@Sherlock You are correct :) – Inisheer Aug 17 '13 at 20:00

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