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I'm newbie on rails.

In my form I get string like "123, xxx_new item, 132, xxx_test "

if the item start with "xxx_" than its mean that i should add the item to the db otherwise enter the value

this is my code and i sure that there is a better way to write this code

tags = params[:station][:tag_ids].split(",")
    params[:station][:tag_ids] = []   
    tags.each do |tag|
      if tag[0,4]  =="xxx_" 

        params[:station][:tag_ids] << Tag.create(:name => tag.gsub('xxx_', '')).id


        params[:station][:tag_ids]<< tag   


I'm looking for how to improve my code syntax

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What about:

tags = params[:station][:tag_ids].split(',')
params[:station][:tag_ids] = tags.each_with_object([]) do |tag, array|
  array << tag.start_with?('xxx_') ? Tag.create(name: tag[4..-1]).id : tag
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