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I try to insert an entry into my db, but i get different result on select query.

INSERT INTO  `mobilpay_sms_log` (
        `id` ,
        `messageid` ,
        `user` ,
        `sms_key` ,
        `sender` ,
        `final_value` ,
        `brute_value` ,
        `message` ,
        `code` ,
        `status` ,
        VALUES (
        NULL ,  '20130814195225:0721254789',  '0',  '10752000000',  '0721547896',  '10.00',  '10.00',  'LICENTA 111',  '8A5SSVPQ',  'FINISHED', 

After Select i get strange value from "sms_key" field, "2147483647". sms_key structure is int(20)

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1 Answer

This is because int cannot store that big numbers. You will need to store it in long int or just varchar. Here is more info about integer sizes in MySQL:


The number in your column specification (20) restricts only count of characters that can be stored in your column.

Additionally, I would be very careful with storing phone numbers as integers. More explanation why:

What's the right way to represent phone numbers?

I believe you could have such problems in your sender column.

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One of my biggest peeves when I started using MySql that, my personal favourite was BigInt(2), I saw in someone's schema. –  Tony Hopkinson Aug 17 '13 at 20:07
I don't think it's a phone number, but the point stands. Unless you do arithmetics with the number you can just use varchar. –  Juhana Aug 17 '13 at 20:13
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