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I have been trying the whole day to convert several pdf files which contains trafic flow for Sao Paulo to spreadsheets like MS Office Excel, or Libre Office Calc in Ubuntu.

When i open the pdf file with Libre Office Calc it opens Libre Office Draw, and i cant get the spreadsheet.

The most promising method that i found was here with pdftotext. It works fine and i can get the tables in Libre Office Calc but adjusting manually the columns.

My problem is that i have so many pdf files that it would take me a lot of time. So, does anyone know a better method?

Thank you so much

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Probably the headless option of open office / libre office can help you. –  TeTeT Aug 18 '13 at 2:22

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Maybe the -layout would be useful for you. With this option set, pdftotext will try to keep the column layout in the resulting text file.

Now, you can import the text file into LibreOffice Calc with the appropriate import settings. When opening a txt file in Calc, you will get asked how to parse the file content (see screenshot below). Under Separator Options, select both the Options [separated by] Space and Merge Delimiters. This way, Calc will be able to restore the column structure (assuming the cell data doesn't contain spaces).

text import into calc

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Thank you @TeTeT and @tohuwawohu, but it wasnt very helpfull, because i would have to manually incorporate the fields per each file. [here] (docs.google.com/file/d/0B8dmwpzdfD55YmlsT0hLcEZhQ0E/…) is a copy of one txt file. btw, when i used pdftotext i did it with the following command: pdftotext -layout pg_0014.pdf pg_0014.txt –  xhie Aug 20 '13 at 17:47
Ok, i see. The source PDF is available online, too. It has almost 200 pages with a lot of tables. If there's no way to use a professional pdf-to-calc (pdf-to-excel) solution, you could only try and ask the CETSP people if they send you the original winword files. In any case, you will still have to import each table into calc manually. Maybe the raw data is available, too. –  tohuwawohu Aug 21 '13 at 13:11
I tried asking to CETSP several times, even by Transparency System. Well Im gonna try by Windows :( Thanks! –  xhie Aug 21 '13 at 16:44

Considering how long it could take without the best help available, and that 'the best help available' is probably well under $200, some extra overtime or a paid part-time job for a few hours if necessary might be better use of your time - if you can't find someone to do the conversion for you with their pro software. The quality of conversion of numeric tables (without control totals) is a particular issue because there is no equivalent of a spell checker to help out with slightly inaccurate string conversions.

I am using a very old commercial converter and in about 10 minutes converted the entire source document with results as below or similar:

SO18293175 example

Important points to note however are that the output is 318 sheets in one workbook (not all of quite the quality above!) and that the table headings have been detached from the tables - which made finding the specific example above difficult given that the document has so many tables of identical layout.

If 'biting the bullet' I would suggest a Nuance product and note mention of a Trial Version (Windows) here: http://www.nuance.co.uk/products/pdf-converter-professional/index.htm .

What I am using I would never have thought of buying (it was a gift) but I very soon realised I was stupid not to have done so a long time before. At the time I thought I had no more than an exceedingly occasional requirement for PDF to Excel but now bless the donor on almost a daily basis!

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Thank you so much @pnuts! Well, there is also a converter from pdf to lots of formats in linux which is [investintech.com/able2extract.html] (AbleToExtract), so there is no need for going into Windows, and you can use either by Ubuntu Software Center or by wine. Regards! –  xhie Aug 31 '13 at 17:47

Another option is to use Okular (http://okular.kde.org). It has table selection tool (Ctrl+5). You may select a table, add lines for additional rows and columns and copy the resulting table into a clipboard. It works fine for me.

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Okular worked better than expected on a difficult table that I had. Good recommendation –  scruss Feb 2 at 18:10

Tool called Able2Extract is the option that can do for you exactly wat you want with minimum errors

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It was my sollution. Thank you! –  xhie Feb 22 at 18:24

Tabula can work quite well. PDF is not an easy format to extract structured information from, so it's not always possible.

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