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I'm getting an error that a class (a controller) is not being found. Thing is, it is found in my local development environment. I created the controller with php artisan controller:make CssController --path=app/controllers/home.

I renamed the class (not the file) Home_CssController. I added the route:

Route::get('home/css-php', 'Home_CssController@index');

to my routes file. Everything works fine in my local environment. I did forget to run composer dump-autoload but there were no issues with viewing the controller/view in my local environment. I've uploaded everything to the live server, but I'm getting the error:

Class Home_CssController does not exist

I've uploaded the controller, the routes file and the view multiple times. But I still get the error. Is it because the controller wasn't registered with composer? I've since registered it, but am not sure what I need to upload to the server. I've uploaded both the config and bootstrap folders. What do I need to do to get the controller/view to be found? This is Laravel 4.

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You said you didn't rename the file. Did you try renaming it to see if that works? –  Samuraisoulification Aug 17 '13 at 21:47
I found the solution. You have to upload the vendor/composer folder and the autoload.php file in the vendor directory. –  sehummel Aug 17 '13 at 21:47

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If the controller isn't in the app/controllers folder, then it will need to be namespaced (unless you want to continue using your autoload.php trick).

Namespace Home_CssController to Home.

<?php namespace Home;

class CssController extends \BaseController

Then, you can use it in your routes:

Route::get('home/css-php', 'Home\CssController@index');
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