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Exploring the addSideDatabase method in Google Code Playground (, I tried to replace the URL with one for my Google Maps Engine Lite map ( It didn't work. Is Google Maps Engine Lite not supported? I can't find anything either way in the docs. Furthermore, why are neither the sideDatabaseSuccess nor sideDatabaseFail callbacks invoked?

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I don't know for sure if Google Maps Engine Lite is supported, I think it possibly is as that has partly replaced the Google Earth Builder platform which did allow for such connections.

In any case usually to use any professional/enterprise functions you must make sure to pass your client ID when loading the actual Earth API. e.g.

var params = {"other_params":"client=CLIENTID&sensor=false"};
google.load("earth", "1", params);


Also note that if your map is private you'll need to provide authentication credentials along when you connect.

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