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Okay, so I have tried multiple things here.

I have tried just sending the Bitmap straight across to the main_Activity. I have tried compressing the bitmap and sending it to a byteArray (Found this to be better on memory.)

There is only so many ways that I can send that object through the intent.

Flow of the Application: The application displays an alert, on the alert there is an option to go to UserGallery. Once they click on Gallery it goes into a new activity that displays a list of title, then intents to a new activity with a list of images with captions and then once one of those is selected it intents to the final view where it displays the image full size with the caption for them to "Select" or "Go Back".

At the end of this process I intent with extras, the bitmap to be assigned in a fragment in the main activity. It works easily for me in the other intents passing the bitmap and assigning it. For some reason when i intent to the main, the ImageView comes back as a Null Pointer Exception.

I understand you can get this error if the ImageView is not initialized or currently not loaded by the view. So I have double checked my initializations as well as the data to make sure its not null.

My Error Log(LogCat):

08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.comp.App/com.comp.App.PFANewPostcard_Activity}: java.lang.NullPointerException
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2100)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread.handleLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2125)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread.access$600(ActivityThread.java:140)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread$H.handleMessage(ActivityThread.java:1227)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:99)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:137)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:4898)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:511)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:1008)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:775)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162): Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at com.Comp.App.PFANewPostcard_Activity.setGalleryImageFromSD(PFANewPostcard_Activity.java:415)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at com.comp.App.PFANewPostcard_Activity.checkImageFromGallery(PFANewPostcard_Activity.java:437)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at com.comp.App.PFANewPostcard_Activity$CardFrontFragment.onCreateView(PFANewPostcard_Activity.java:456)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.FragmentManagerImpl.moveToState(FragmentManager.java:829)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.FragmentManagerImpl.moveToState(FragmentManager.java:1035)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.BackStackRecord.run(BackStackRecord.java:635)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.FragmentManagerImpl.execPendingActions(FragmentManager.java:1397)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.Activity.performStart(Activity.java:5215)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    at android.app.ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2073)
08-17 16:17:16.435: E/AndroidRuntime(11162):    ... 11 more

I tried pulling my code to set it by Assigning it through its own class in the Initialization of the Fragment which holds the ImageView.


        public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container,
                Bundle savedInstanceState) {
            frontView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.frontview, container, false);
            ImageView frontImageView = (ImageView) frontView.findViewById(R.id.selectedImage);

Above, is where is the code called when the fragment is made, you can see I call ImageView after the View has been loaded. Then I call checkImageFromGallery();


public void checkImageFromGallery(){
        data = getIntent().getExtras();
        if(data != null){
            galleryInt = data.getInt(TAG_FROM_GALLERY_INT);
            if(galleryInt == 3){
            byte[] byteArray = data.getByteArray(TAG_FROM_GALLERY_IMAGE);
            if(byteArray != null){
                galleryImage = BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(byteArray, 0, byteArray.length);
                if(galleryImage != null){

Trying to just SET the Bitmap gave me the same error so I call setGalleryImageFromSD(); I do this because saving the image to the SD has never caused me issues before until now.


private void setGalleryImageFromSD(Bitmap bitmap){
    if(bitmap != null){
        ImageView frontImageView = (ImageView) findViewById(R.id.selectedImage);
        imageSet = true;
        if(imageSet == true){
            String dir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/User/Gallery/";
            if(!new File(dir).exists()){
                File directory = new File(dir);
            String Path = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/User/Gallery/" + "Image" + System.currentTimeMillis();
            if(!new File(Path).exists()){
                File file = new File(Path);
                editor = postcard.edit();
                    Log.d(tag,"File Exists");
                    Log.d(tag, "Front Image Set");
                    bitmap = convertToBitmap(Path);
                    frontImageView.setImageDrawable(new BitmapDrawable(getResources(), bitmap));
                    editor.putString(imagePathConst, Path);
            FileOutputStream out;
            try {
                out = new FileOutputStream(file);
                bitmap.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.PNG, 100, out);
            } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
                Log.d(tag, "File Exists Now.");
                bitmap = convertToBitmap(Path);
                frontImageView.setImageDrawable(new BitmapDrawable(getResources(),bitmap));
                Log.d(tag, "Front Image Set");
                editor.putString(imagePathConst, Path);

Unfortunelty I have a deadline on this application and I'm trying to get it done quickly, if there is a better way to approach this error please let me know.

If you have a quick fix, also please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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(De)serializing large bitmaps sounds like a bad idea. I wouldn't be surprised if you're simply pushing the Intent (or underlying Bundle) over its limit. A simple and much less heavy alternative would be to pass back the location of the image you want to display, in stead of the actual image data. –  MH. Aug 17 '13 at 22:42
so in the last intent, save the image to SD then pull it where I'm trying to locate it now? –  Keeano Aug 17 '13 at 22:43
@MH. is that correct? –  Keeano Aug 17 '13 at 23:00
I did what you insisted above and now my main activity crashes telling me that i have a null pointer in a completely different area i was not working in. @MH. –  Keeano Aug 18 '13 at 0:27
I'm not sure what you mean about 'saving the image to SD'. As far as I understood, you're displaying a gallery, which means the images should already exist somewhere. Rather than passing on the actual image data from activity to activity, I'd opt to simply pass on the location of the selected image. Every activity can then load it from that location appropriately. If that's causing a NPE in your code, then that's a completely different probem and not something I can really do anything about I'm afraid - at least, not without any code. –  MH. Aug 18 '13 at 5:45

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