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Using Newtonsoft's .Net Library to convert JSON to XML, is there a way to convert a specific JSON element to an XML attribute?

For example, taking the following JSON:

    "array": {
        "item": [
        "length": 3

and converting it to:

<array length="3">


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Can you prefix the attributes with @ and put them at the top of the object? It says in the docs:

Attributes are prefixed with an @ and should be at the start of the object.

looks like: "@length": "3", for a definition of an attribute called 'length'

Alternatively you could deserialize your JSON into an object and then reserializing it as Xml:

class JsonToXmlTranslationObject {

     public int[] item { get; set; }

     public int length { get; set; }

Then use your Json serializer to deserialize into it, and then use an Xml serializer to serialize the JsonToXmlTranslationObject into your XML.

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