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am I doing something wrong to be able to access Methods stored in a model in a view. For Example. My User model has a method that looks like

    public function isCustomer(){
        if (isset($this->customer_id)) 
        return true;
        else return false;

When I try to access this in the view I end up with Call to a member function getResults() on a non-object.

View code is something like


Is the model ONLY for database relationships between models or can I store my own class functions here as well?

The function i listed is one of the basic ones. I have quite a few more complicated functions that I would like to run from my User class but am not sure how, as i end up with the same error each time. Should they be stored in the controller?

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You can store class functions there. By first glance it looks like your missing () on isCustomer. If it were me I would store that in the controller, like:

$customer = $user->isCustomer();

then pass that to the view.

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Such a simple solution. Thanks! – Jared Meyering Aug 18 '13 at 0:46
Thanks, I had this same issue when I called $user->save; instead of $user->save(). – Nathan C. Oct 4 '13 at 17:33

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