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I need help trying to figure out how the best way to create a query to search keywords array.

I want to be able to search with array ["work", "hi"] comparing to an array in schema

["work", "school"] and should return this document. Right now I'm using

    keywords: {
        $all: term.split(' ')
.select('-keywords').exec(function (err, resumes) {});

but this only works if both are in the search array are in the schema array. So how can I do a partial match?

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I think using the $in operator would make this easier:

this.resumes.find({ keywords: { $in: [ "work", "hi" ] } })

Basically, an $or on a single array field. From the docs:

$in selects the documents where the field value equals any value in the specified array

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this.resumes.find({$or: [{keywords: term1}, {keywords: term2}]})
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