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i have the following code

<input id="inputID1" value="click me" type="button" />
<input id="inputID2" value="click me again!" type="button" />

the script

                     {alert("inputID1 click");
function funcWaitToInput()
{alert("just one time");}

I mean that after inputID1 clicked, wait to inputID2 cliked and run funcWaitToInput() function in the first inputID2 click,

but, Every time I press inputID2 button function occurs again
I want that after inputID1 clicking is waiting to clicking on the inputID2, And the funcWaitToInput() function run only the first click,

I was looking for how to do it and not found

The code in jsfiddle

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That's what jQuery's .one() method is for:

$("#inputID1").click(function() {
    alert("inputID1 click");
    $("#inputID2").one('click', function() {
        alert("just one time");

Here's the fiddle:

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you still need the initial alert. – David-SkyMesh Aug 18 '13 at 6:02

I almost understand your question, I think:

    alert("inputID1 click");

function funcWaitToInput() {
    alert("just one time");
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Ah, @JosephSilber's answer does a more concise version of the same thing. – David-SkyMesh Aug 18 '13 at 6:01

Add one line to your function.

function funcWaitToInput()
{alert("just one time");
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