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I am playing around with Neo4j but trying to get my head around the graph concepts. As a learning process I want to port a small Postgres relational database schema to Neo4j. Is there any way I can port it and issues "equivalent" relational queries to Neo4j?

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Yes, you can port your existing schema to a graph database. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the best model for your data, but it is a starting point.

How easy it is depends a lot on the quality of your existing schema.

The tables corresponding to entities in an entity-relationship-diagram define your types of nodes. In the upcoming neo4j 2.0, you can labels them with the name of the entity to make a lookup easier. In older versions you can use an index or a manual label property.

Assuming a best case, where all your relationships between data is modelled using foreign keys, any 1:1 relationship between nodes can be identified and ported next.

For tables modelling n:m relationships, identify the corresponding nodes and add a direct relationship between them.

So as an example assume tables Author[id, name, publisher foreign key], Publisher[id, name] and Book[id, title] and written_by[author foreign key, book foreign key].

  • Every row in Author, Publisher and Book becomes a node.
  • Every Author node gets a relationship to the publisher identified by the foreign key relationship.
  • For every row in written_by you add a relationship between the Author node and Book node referenced

For queries in neo4j I recommend cypher due to its expressiveness. A (2.0) query looking for books by some author would look like:

MATCH (author:Author)-[:written_by]-(book:Book)
WHERE author.name='Hugh Laurie'
RETURN book.title
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You actually have several options at hand:

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Check this out:

The musicbrainz -> neo4j https://github.com/redapple/sql2graph/tree/master/examples/musicbrainz

Neo4j Sql-importer https://github.com/peterneubauer/sql-import

Good Luck!

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I'm afraid not. The relational data model and the graph data model are two different ways of modelling a real-world domain. It requires a human brain (at least as of 2013) to understand the domain in order to model it.

I suggest that you take a piece of paper and capture, using circles and arrows, what your entities are (nodes) and how they relate to each other (relationships). Then, have a look at that piece of paper. Voila, your new Neo4j data model.

Then, take a query that you want to be answered and try to figure out how you would do that without a computer, just by tracing your nodes and relationships with a finger on that piece of paper. Once you've figured that out, translate what you've done to a Cypher query.

Have a look at neo4j.org, there are plenty of examples.

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