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I am trying to use a common function to check if a user has already created an account. The following code works in controller level. But i have to copy the same code to all other controllers. So i planned to create a component and put the common function there.

public function is_user_has_account() {
  $has_account = $this->Account->find('all', array(
      'conditions'=>array('user_id'=>$this->Auth->user('id')), 'limit' => 1));
  if($has_account) {
    return TRUE;
  } else {
    return FALSE;

When i put the code in my custom component it did not work. What it the best way to use controller functions in components? I am using cakephp 1.3

Thank you

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it did not work - in what way? – AD7six Aug 18 '13 at 15:31

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I think moving this functionality to a component is overkill (plus you can simplify the code quite a bit). Instead, I would either move it to your Account model:

public function is_user_has_account($userID) {
    return $this->hasAny(array('user_id' => $userID));

or your AppController:

public function is_user_has_account() {
    return $this->Account->hasAny(array('user_id' => $this->Auth->user('id')));
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