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I have set up a session variable for the Users ID when the user logs in - here's the code:

<cflock timeout=999 scope="Session" type="Exclusive">
  <cfset Session.IDUsers = "">

Then I am trying to use this session variable to insert the Users ID into another table called 'Comments' when the users add a comment - though it is not working, here's my code for the insert comment + sessionvariable:

<cfquery ...>
  INSERT INTO comment (.... IDUsers)
  VALUES (...info ...)
  FROM users
  WHERE users.IDUsers = <cfqueryparam value="#Session.IDUsers#">

Though this isn't working. Here's the error -

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that 
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to 
use near 'SELECT IDUsers FROM users WHERE users.IDUsers = ''' at line 9. 

Anyone know what I'm to do?

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Please try to re-read your own question, and ask it in a better way. Also, make use of basic debugging tools like cfdump to verify if you have what you think you have in your SESSION scope. <cfdump var="#session#"> –  Henry Dec 1 '09 at 23:31

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Have you dumped the session scope to confirm that the IDUser is not blank?

<cfdump var="#session.IDUser#">

You might consider testing that the Session.IDUsers value is valid before running the query. If that value is blank I suspect it would throw an error.

if it's text based:

<cfif len(session.IDUsers)>

if it's numerical:

<cfif isNumeric(session.IDUsers)>

If possible, I would also recommend running your query in the MySQL query browser as it would help you troubleshoot your SQL syntax.

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you cant include the "VALUES (...info...)" AND a select. you have to choose one or the other and I'm guessing thats the SQl problem. Also I dont see much point in doing the select when you already have the id. So you should just do this:

<cfquery ...>
  INSERT INTO comment (.... IDUsers)
  VALUES (other fields...<cfqueryparam value="#Session.IDUsers#">)

if you must do the other query to make sure it's in the db then just do another query above this one to get the id.

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ok, i've given it a try, but I am unsure of what to put around <cfqueryparam value="#Session.IDUsers#"> Is there any code you know that will make it work? Thanks, B. –  Bridget Dec 2 '09 at 19:00

It's actually answered in Dan's post above, but as it looks like you've not got it working yet ...

<cfif len(session.IDUsers)>
 <!--- the session variable has some value assigned so it can be used in the query --->
 <cfquery datasource='yourDataSourceName' name="addComment">
    INSERT INTO comment (IDUsers, column1, anotherDataColumn)
    VALUES (<cfqueryparam value="#Session.IDUsers#">, #column1Data#, #anotherColumnData#)
 <!--- session.IDUsers is null length --->
 <cfoutput>session.IDUsers is not yet assigned a value and therefore has no length</cfoutput>
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