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I,m reading a c++ code , and i can't understand a section of it . here is the code :


00002 #ifndef __Battery_Base_H__
00003 #define __Battery_Base_H__
00005 #include "CommonIncludes.h"
00006 #include "cConsumer.h"
00007 #define SUCCESS 1
00008 #define FAIL 0
00009 #define BATTERY_OUT 2
00017 class BatteryBase : public cSimpleModule
00018 {
00019         protected:
00020                 double      m_Energy;
00021                 double      m_CurrentEnergy;
00022                 int         m_State;
00023                 cModule     *pCoOrdinator; 
00024                 cArray      ConsumerList;
00025                 simtime_t lastTimeOut; 
00026                 cMessage *batteryOut;
00027                 cConsumer *consumer;
00029         public:
00030                 Module_Class_Members(BatteryBase, cSimpleModule, 0); //constructo
00036                 virtual double GetTotalEnergy(void) const;
00088                 virtual void handleMessage(cMessage *msg) = 0;
00094                 virtual int RegisterCoordinator(void);
00095 };
00097 #endif // __Battery_Base_H__

I can't understand what does it mean in line 32. why the BatteryBase class constructor uses the BatteryBase class as parameter ? whould you help me please?

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Where is Module_Class_Membersdefined? Is it a macro? –  trojanfoe Aug 18 '13 at 8:03

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Module_Class_Members(BatteryBase, cSimpleModule, 0); //constructor

This is not the constructor of your class. The constructor of your class would be something like :

BatteryBase() {}

Module_Class_Members is a MACRO that was helping the developer to create a default constructor for his class. In your case, it creates a constructor who should look like :

BaseClass() : cSimpleModule() {}

But as it is said in the documentation that this macro is deprecated, you should replace it by :

    BaseClass() : cSimpleModule() {}
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Isn't that exactly the default constructor which the compiler would automatically define for you? I'd just completely remove the line. –  celtschk Aug 18 '13 at 12:47

It is a macro that calls constructor and sets up inheritance relationships. Module_Class_Members(BatteryBase, cSimpleModule, 0). It means that the class BatteryBase has been derived from cSimpleModule that is an abstract class which provides basic functionality for any module. Will give you another example. For e.g.

class MyDerivedModule : public MyModule

Module_Class_Members (MyDerivedModule,MyModule, 0);    
// and again user-specific methods
// follow

Hope it answers your question.

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The macro appears in a class definition. That means that this macro might merely define a c-tor. Without knowing what this macro defines, any answer is useless. –  CouchDeveloper Aug 18 '13 at 8:28
This is the official documentation : omnetpp.org/doc/omnetpp/api/…. Kindly "find out what this macro does" and give an answer if you find it. –  user2339071 Aug 18 '13 at 8:38
The description of this macro given in your link would be the actual answer ;) –  CouchDeveloper Aug 18 '13 at 8:41
I explained what the macro does in simple understandable language. The documentation doesn't actually provide the macro working. Thanks for your comment. :) –  user2339071 Aug 18 '13 at 8:46

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